History of the Police Department

Poquoson, which was formerly part of York County, became an incorporated town in1952 and then an independent city in 1975.  However, the City of Poquoson and York County still maintain a close relationship.  The City of Poquoson while being an independent political entity, still utilizes some constitutional services of York County to include the courts, sheriff, and social services. The City of Poquoson is approximately 16 square miles with an estimated population of 13,000 residents.

In 1952 the Poquoson Police Department only had one police officer to patrol the town limits during the day.  The York Sheriff's Office and State Police responded when needed in the evening and overnight hours.  

In 1953 the town of Poquoson hired the first Police Chief of the one-man department.  By the 1970's the department had grown to a 24-hour department of 10 officers.  

Currently, the Police Department has 25 sworn full-time officers, 5 auxiliary officers, and 3 civilian employees.